Aether Drift is a throwback to arcade games and bullet hell shoot 'em ups of the 1980's- with a modern twist.  It features an endless arcade mode with 9 themed arenas to challenge your skills, couch co-op and local multiplayer game modes, as well as a plethora of modifiers and challenges to spice up the gameplay!


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You play as Jhin, the Aether Guardian, 

a cybernetic samurai who guards the border between the dimensions.


Mobiusruler of all dimensions, has gone mad with power and is sending an army to destroy the Aether!  You must vanquish their evil minions by shifting between the very fabric of reality and using their one weakness against them - cold hard steel.  As an Aether Guardian, Jhin can use her "Aether Slip" to tackle the unseen menace that is assaulting the Aether and save everyone from Mobius's wrath.

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~ Fast-Paced, Challenging Gameplay

~ Tight, Responsive Controls

~ 9 Different Arenas to Test Your Skills

~ Two Intense Bossfights

~ Competitive Online Highscores for Each Arena

~ Moon Launchers

( They Shoot Moons at You )

~ Controller Support

(Xbox, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, GameCube)

~ Local Splitscreen Multiplayer

    ~ 14 Multiplayer Arenas

    ~ Co-Op, Head To Head, King of the Hill,

      Rifts, and Hot Potato Game Modes

    ~ Custom Match Settings, Powerups, etc

~ 6 Unique Guardians to Play As!

 ( and 1 Secret Character )

The Game is currently released on Steam

as of August 27th, 2018. 


Additional Tracks

Credits: Game Designed by

Taliyah PS Larson and Duncan Larson

This website and the assets contained therein are property of

Toxic Sasquatch Games / Studios © 2019 Toxic Sasquatch





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