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System by the Sequence Break Crew


         Arask is a free-to-play Table Top Role Playing Game about wizards designed for use on or using pencil/paper. 


         There are custom character sheets on Roll20.Net for Arask.  Simply go into Game Settings for a campaign, and choose the Arask custom character sheets, and you're all set to start using the system!

Arask is currently in Testing.

Morde Char SHeet
Morde Char SHeet

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Morde Char SHeet
Morde Char SHeet

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Character Sheet

Character Sheet Version: 2.0

Link to Sheet

Version 2

Version 2 of Arask exists in this odd zone of un-tested gameplay mechanics and drastic overcomplications that later lead to most of its core systems being gutted and rebuilt for Arask 3.  While it's technically functional, a lot of what makes it tick has not been tested for a modern TTRPG Campaign Setting.

Character Sheet Link v2

Handbook Link v2


Version 1.3

Version 1.3 added a rather skeletal Magical Affinity system to the game

It also introduced a ton of new lore and quality of life changes.

After version 1.3, all of the game's systems were overhauled in Version 2.

Character Sheet Link v1.3

Handbook Link v1.3

Version 1.2

This version exists before the Affinity Update, and thus has a weaker magic system.  Still fun to play around with though.

First public release.

Character Sheet Link v1.2

Handbook Link v1.2

Version 1.1

After the split from the original goals of the Pantheon system, when the game was first called "Arask".  Character sheets were very basic at this time.

Character Sheet Link v1.1

Handbook Link v1.1

Version 1.0       

Note: This version is un-playable unless you knew the rules at the time, and is just here as an "Oh neat, that's where it came from" type of thing.  Please don't use this version for any serious games.

At this time, the game was called Pantheon, and did not have nearly as many unique features as it does now.

Handbook was completely unfinished.


Character Sheet Link v1.0

        Handbook Link v1.0

Version History